The Family of Dr. Daniel Richardson Pool

Contributed by Joy McLure Coker
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     The Pools were originally Pettipools. They came from Virginia and then to Kentucky, near Cerulean Springs in Trigg County. It is thought that the father of Jackonias Petty Pool was Benjamin who was the son of Peter Petti Pool and his wife Elizabeth Journey. Peter’s father was Seth Petti Pool who married Martha Ragsdale. This is not proven but there is strong evidence that this is the line. As they moved south, they shortened the name to P. Pool and then to Pool.  At some point, the family moved to the Quitman, Mississippi area, Many of Dr. Pool's children were born there.  He began his medical practice under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Arrington whose daughter, Westduck, he later married. The practice of medicine was very different then, but he later went to New Orleans and studied medicine at what was to become the Tulane Medical School. When the War Between the States broke out, he signed up at Enterprise, Ms.  He was a Second Lieutenant in Company F, Second Regiment of Mississippi Cavalry, CSA. Company F was known as the East Mississippi Guards of Clarke County and collected at Enterprise on April 17, 1862. James W. Morgan was Captain of Company F.  After the war, the family moved to Ellisville, MS where Dr. Pool practiced medicine for the remainder of his life.   


Generation One


1.  Jackonias Petty Pool, b. June 8, 1793 in Halifax, VA. He died in 1850 in Quitman, MS.  He married Sarah Wilson, b. April 11, 1793, about 1810 in VA She died in 1831


1.     John Daniel Pool b.1810 d, 1880 m Adeline Rasberry

2.     William H. Pool, b. 1815 m Louisa

3.     Joseph Pool b.1817 m Elizabeth Lyon

4.     Joshua Haran Pool b. 1821 d. in Cuba

5.     Dr. Daniel Richardson Pool, b. 1825, d. 1913 m Westduck Arrington

6.     Lula Elizabeth, b. 1827d. 1870 m John Eatman 

7.     Jackonias Pool, b. 1829 d. 1880 m. Martha Smith                                                                                          

         Generation Two

 2.        Dr. Daniel Richardson Pool, b. Aug. 18, 1825-6 in Cerulean Springs, Trigg Co. Ky., d. Aug. 8,    1913 in Ellisville, Mississippi.  He married (1) Westduck Arrington, married Nov. 22, 1848 in Clarke County, MS, b. 1830 in Alabama, d. 1878. (Westduck’s full name was Sarah Tendous Westduck Arrington. Her father was Dr. Arrington.) Dr. Pool’s second wife was  S. Candace Reddock, married 17 Feb. 1879 in Jones County, MS, b. 1846, d. 1930 in Ellisville, MS.

                             Children by Westduck Arrington:        

                        i.     Warren Stone Pool b. 14 Sept. 1849.

                      ii.   J. A. H.  (Hop) Pool, b. 4 June 1852, d. 1900.  He married Adeliene Buchanan, on10 Oct. 1872.  Their children were: 1. Charlie m Pearl Hardee, 2. Westduck m Isaac Pickering, and 3. Sallie m. Dr. Joe Copeland.

                      iii.  D. R. (Dink) Pool, Jr., b. 21 Dec. 1854, d. 1920.  He married Jane Reddock. Their children were: Basket, Murie, Cinnlmers, Will, Delfort, Mary, Vada, Cleaborn, Sam, and Tom.

iv.      Mary S. (Polly) Pool, b. 4 May 1857, d. 1891.  She married Richard McManus, on 13 May 1874.: Their children were: Hop McManus, Angie, Bob, and Charlie McManus.

v.        Sarah Rebecca Pool, b.27 Oct. 1859 m Isaac Anderson (See Anderson family notes)

                      vii. Ella Jane Pool, b. 14 March 1862 in Quitman, MS, d. 1944.  She married Green Graves, on 27 Feb. 1877.  Their children were: Bob, Rister, John, Ed, Warren, Martha, Sarah, and Henry Graves.

                      vii. Floy Dudley Pool b. May 10, 1865.m Amos Anderson (See Anderson family notes)

                      viii.       John W. Pool, b. 6 Sept. 1869 in Quitman, Mississippi, d. 1945.  He married Eddie Lucy.  Their children were: Stuart, Margaret, and John W. Pool.

                      ix.   Martha W. (Duck) Pool, b. 13 March 1873 in Quitman, Mississippi, d. 1902.  She married Jessie Walters.

                             Children by S. Candace Reddock:

                      x.    Otho R. Singleton Pool, b. 1879, d. 1975.  He married Nora Jones.

                      xi.   Bruce Pool, b. 1881, d. 1887.

xii.    Rosellla C. L. Pool, b. 1885, d. 1911.  She married R. E. Everet.

xiii.  “Dock”, b. 1880 m Nell, b 1889

Generation Three


     Warren Stone Pool, b. 14 Sept. 1849, d. 1934.  He married (1) Mary Pryor, on 20 Dec. 1871.  He married (2) Missouri Lewis, 8 June, 1886.

                             Children by Mary Pryor:

                      i.     James Richard Pool, b. 18 Feb. 1873.  He married Katie. Their children were: Virgil, Hilda, D.N. and J. R. Pool.

                      ii.   Urano Justine Pool, b. 7 Sept. 1876.  She married John Wilson, 17 Feb. 1897.   Their children were: Lou Warren, Andrew, Avis Elanor, Shelly, Tally, and Mary Margaret,.

                      iii.  Hdolpho Pool, b. 14 Sept. 1879.

                      iv.   Isaac Warren Pool, b. 7 June 1882.  He married Alta Crenshaw,  18 May 1912.: Their children were: Mary Louise, Earl, Jaunita, Irma Lee, Rolff Hunt, and Donald Ross Pool.

                             Children by Missouri Lewis:

                      v.    Jackanias Henry Pool, b. 22 April 1887.

                      vi.   John Vandyke Pool, b. 26 July 1891.  He married Beatrice Burdette, 20 July 1914. Their children were: Marion Burnice, Edgar Howard, Edna Ruth, Elanor Lois, J. V. Pool, and Mary Francis Pool.


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